East Cleveland, 1976.

Twenty seven year old Jay is a charismatic slacker who lives above Paradise, the Indian restaurant his dad left him. His father built Paradise with his own hands and cooked many meals for Jay, his sister Santine, and their little gang.

With father now passed away, Jay owes money all over town and now local car park mogul Earlene Floyd is calling in her debt. She wants to bulldoze Paradise and put up a parking lot. As security to the loan, Jay gave Earlene the deed to Paradise. Now he has defaulted and has ten days to find twelve thousand dollars (in 1976 money!) to keep the family legacy.

Jay desperately enlists his misfit friends Benny, and a reluctant Neil into helping by reminding them of how many meals his father cooked them. Jay, an ‘ideas guy’, plans to raise cash by hustling across America - one game of Scrabble at a time.

On their journey they collect the remaining members of the old school gang 'The Bag of Q's'. They start with Carl, who they discover has since become Carlise, and Santine, who is their best chance to win big money at the National Scrabble Tournament. The problem is Santine has no time for her older brother Jay (and the boys). But a duty to Paradise and a long term unrequited love for Neil plunges her into the chaos.

Old factions, incompetence, poor hustling skills, and Earlene’s Operation Wordstrike offensive to crush the crusade, make this the road trip of a lifetime. With everything to lose can the gang stick it out? Or will they self combust and lose Paradise forever. Who will have the last word?